There is a God

I met up with my former work crew (from the university) earlier this week. We were celebrating the next one to escape, a writer on the team who’s starting a new gig in San Jose. It was good to see everyone: I find it curious though how despite all the changes and turmoil, so many things still remain the same. Like that drama character T. She cracks me up. She got a swanky new car and then near the end of our lunch, she ran out of the restaurant all frantic, claiming that someone had broken into her car. Yes, her car that was parked right up along the sidewalk, where there’s tons of foot and car traffic in broad daylight. Of course, the car was fine. Just the shade from a tree made the window appear open/broken. And she received some joke/prank text from her hubby at the same time. Or something. She had also made a few mentions about my dog sitting services. She said she looked at my profile but saw that I only took old dogs (her dog is 1.5 y/o), plus she can’t afford me. Sure. Whatever. Yesterday, she texted saying she had a question about dog sitting. Um, how about just text the actual question??? Jesus people. It’s like voicemail 101. Don’t just say, call me back. Tell me what you’re calling about. Specifics!! I was out biking/having dinner with a friend, so when I replied three hours later, no reply. Wishy to the washy, for reals.

The biggest news though out of my old workplace is that the tyrannical AVP (who applied for the permanent job even though she repeatedly said she had zero interest) DIDN’T get the gig. Holy. fucking. shit. There is a God!!! T told me she had reported the AVP for some uncool interactions. I like to think that T’s report, coupled with my scathing exit interview doc, played some minor role in making the decision makers think twice. Goddamn, that woman was a royal beotch. SMH. For someone who was always pushing training and learning and improvement, it’s amazing she never took social skills 101. Seriously. She was the oddest, most inept anti-soc ever. And I have encountered my fair share of them!!

Then again, given all the other bullshit that’s happening in the world, her asshole behavior is quite minor. And yes, I’ve definitely asked myself why I haven’t lost my shit with the more serious daily injustices we are witnessing day in and day out… Honestly, I don’t even know how to respond. When I think of people who have lost their lives to senseless violence, it makes me so sick. But I feel speechless and paralyzed. What is there to say? How does change happen from here? These are truths that perhaps many have known since forever, and now to see them exposed, to see the systemic racism, it’s freaking scary. And Donald Trump. Ugh. As “unlikable” as people say Hillary Clinton is, how can anyone be as unlikable as that con-man ass monkey?!?!? It’s fine to be anti-establishment, but shit people. Open your eyes. Don’t let your purported patriotism bring a Hitler to power. It’s crazy how he is singlehandedly desensitizing people to inflammatory, hateful, fear-mongering rhetoric. Part of me that is glad my parents are moving back to Taiwan. This shit is getting bad really fast.

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