Coming Off the Rails

Well, I’m sorry to report that Day 6 didn’t fare any better. After my blowup the day prior over my grandfather’s car, I was still super irritable. Originally, two people had expressed interest in test driving the car. On Thursday night, we had met the first guy at the local middle school. He was giving me crap about how the car wasn’t in mint condition, and for that reason, he wanted me to come down $1200. Look dude, I see your car. You are NOT meticulous. He gave me some bullshit argument saying that while the front bumper might appear only superficially scratched, inside there could be real damage, like with things about to fall off. I grabbed the bumper and tugged. It feels pretty dang secure. He said, yeah it seems to be loose. I went over to his car and tugged the same area: um, it feels exactly the same as yours. Long story short, that deal didn’t go through.

So Friday morning, I wake up and head downstairs. I can’t find my suitcase, which I had sprawled out on the floor against the wall in the dining room. I have no place for my stuff in my bedroom bc mom has taken over the closet and drawers. I need somewhere to see my stuff. So I get annoyed with dad about that. He says I’m bringing all these people into the house and this open suitcase is a trip hazard. Argh, people can just walk around it! The house is already a mess; stop trying to tidy for the realtor and estate sale people! 

Then dad tells me I’m stressing him out, bc of all these things I’m demanding of him. That’s when I REALLY lose it. WTF? You have been telling me since January that you wanted me to help you sell the fucking car. I booked my flight over a month ago and I told you to get the paperwork ready. You are not going to pin this shit onto me. I told you from the beginning to get power of attorney for all the shit you were going to handle with the grandparents. It’s not my problem you refuse to ask them for that and you can’t figure out how to shuttle paperwork efficiently back and forth from Taiwan (hello, FedEx?). At Christmas, I told you removing the tags would make the car undriveable. You insisted on doing it so you could save money and stop paying insurance. That is your fault, not mine. Then we argued about him wanting to drop off a document at the realtor’s office. I told him we could scan it. Nope, he insists on us driving it to the office. It’s on the way, he says with exasperation. Argh, just stab my eyes out, ok??

That’s the thing: if you are delegating something for me to do, I get ownership. You don’t get to tell me how to work. I was so fed up and pissed off.

In the evening, the second interested person got back to me about seeing the car. We met up at 7pm after he sat in rush hour LA-style traffic for three hours with screaming kids in the back. All during the drive up, he was calling me for the VIN number, then wanted pics of the tire treads, then wanted to know the maintenance work, plus Virginia’s requirements for the bill of sale since he was buying across state lines. Jesus dude, just get here and test drive it first! 

Bc of the traffic, our meeting time kept getting pushed back. So mom keeps asking me every fifteen minutes where the dude is and she gives me attitude like, does he want to buy the car or not. I’m like I told you he is stuck in traffic. I’m handling it!!! Ugh!!!! Fucking nagging Chinese parents. So dad and I meet him at the entrance of my neighborhood, since dad just will not shut up about the driving without tags thing. After about 20 minutes in the humid heat, the deal is done. Dad and I walk back home and what do you know, mom has closed the garage door on us. Top security once again. Jesus, you’re not Britney Spears. It’s a quiet residential neighborhood. Lock the door to the house, but you can leave the broken garage door open for 30 minutes. I cannot work under these conditions!!!

In other news, lunch with the in-laws went fine. Mom made some comment like maybe she could live in a facility like theirs when she’s old. Ok mom, you know that dad is planning to move back to Taiwan permanently, right? Have you two discussed all this? Why are you now talking about living in the US again??? WTF. I don’t even want to know anymore. Time to eject out of this madness for reals.

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