Twists and Turns

After a pretty darn good weekend, this week kicked off in the shits. We had just seen John’s sister S and her dog Jake the week before Easter for the Maryland NCAA game. And J and I had just remarked how amazing Jake looked– so much more energetic and sprightly than Martin. Then suddenly, over Easter weekend, he couldn’t get up and he stopped eating. By Monday, he was gone. Sure, he lived a charmed life: he couldn’t have gotten a better owner than S. She really stuck by him through thick and thin, and he was NOT an easy dog in his younger years. Still, there was just something so upsetting about death and death now for her. It’s been a challenging last 18 months. She lost Bodi (her first dog), then M– the love of her life, and now Jake. I don’t know the details of what happened, but it just goes to show you that life really can keep you on your toes. Just as I was thinking how invincible our dogs have been, coming back from so many illnesses and problems, there is that one last time when they just can’t pull through, and how do you ever prepare for that.


Our trip to Europe is in two weeks. I’m worried for Martin but what can be done? I also don’t believe in halting my life for fear of bad things happening, and so, I’ve found him a good sitter. I vetted her as much as I could. I’ve left my neighbor’s contact info with her, and we can only go from there.

Meanwhile, I had thought that my grandparents’ townhouse went into settlement last Monday but turns out it was this Monday. On Monday night, my parents called me to tell me 1) dad is feeling better– the dizziness is slowly getting better and he hasn’t had any issues with it while driving 2) dad has an appointment with the neurologist on Friday to review the MRI. Then, Mom got on the phone and said she didn’t know anything about the bombing in Pakistan. Because the buyers are Middle Eastern or Arab (just going off their name– we don’t know if they are Muslim or Pakistani), she’s freaking out now that their check will be invalid or fraudulent or whatever. Jesus Christ, prejudiced much? I mean, you and dad could be fucking Commies since you’re Chinese. And first off, why did you ask for a physical check instead of just getting the money wired into your account? Get with the modern banking system! Second, it’s called escrow. Third, there are a ton of parties involved in the transaction. Are all the settlement attorneys and real estate agents in on it too? Again, this is the level of cray I am dealing with.

Then, more technical issues. Dad’s wifi printer, which was JUST working two days ago, now is offline again. Back and forth. He kept his 15 y/o HP printer just in case, so he plugged in the USB to that unit. No longer printing. Finally, I’m like, just take the USB cable from the old printer and use it for the new printer. OMFG, that took forever. He couldn’t find the socket on the new printer. I’m like, it HAS to be there. Just check all the ports for a hole that is the same shape. How hard can this be? You have no idea. Fifteen minutes later, it’s connected and we are back in action. When I tell my friends, they never understand how cumbersome these troubleshooting calls are with my parents. That’s bc most people they know have a basic level of tech understanding, and words like home button, start button, icon, desktop, window, minimize, maximize, and browser actually MEAN something. My parents get confused every. damn. time. I know they aren’t retarded, but shit, old age sure is fucking making their brains slow.

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