People and Perspective

I had an interesting day today. I got up early and headed out to Livermore, where my friend S is a camp counselor for Camp Wonder, a summer camp sponsored by the Children’s Skin Disease Foundation. I was a little nervous, because I haven’t really spent much time with kids (like ever), but I made sure to ask S what gifts or snacks I could take… Gotta start things off on the right foot, you know’? Thankfully, she provided sufficient instructions: stickers, bubbles, coloring books, temporary tattoos…

I’d never been to this site before, Camp Arroyo (part of East Bay Regional Parks District), but wow, what a beautiful location with well-designed green cabins and facilities. There were kids everywhere, and they were so… joyful. I mean, I don’t think I was really prepared to see the severity of their medical conditions… it was definitely an eye-opener. And I was so amazed and inspired by their ability to stay positive and to have fun in spite of their situation. The girls were so sweet and spirited. I am grateful for this new perspective today.

After Livermore, I was back at the job center for an interviewing workshop. The caliber of classes there are so good… the only issue I have really is with the students. Sometimes they just really irk my nerves. Like today, everyone was really quiet in the beginning, so the instructor just told us to break up into small groups and do these ice breaker conversations: explain what kind of work you are seeking and share with us your favorite ice cream flavor. So neither of the two people in my group followed directions. The woman took the initiative to start, and then proceeded to share her entire life story… I mean, really? Do you think that’s appropriate when there are three of us, and class is supposed to start in five minutes?? I started giving her a look like, hurry it up lady and then she said, she wasn’t finished but she wanted to give us a chance to talk. Oh, like five minutes later… thanks for letting me do the fucking assignment. Seriously. And I thought I had bad self awareness and social intelligence…

Aside from that annoyance, the class was really informative and helpful. I am supposed to start up the networking group next week… I’m apprehensive but also eager to see where all this goes.

Meanwhile, J and I are off tomorrow for a quick desert getaway. First time to Palm Springs and beyond… Temps are supposed to be over 110, so I’m not sure how this is going to work out for Bubbey, with his heat sensitivity, but hey, I gave him an out and he insisted that the trip must go on.

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